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    We provide our fantastic clients with the means to effectively engage their audience with fresh, entertaining and affordable animation.

Our Latest Projects.

We have done so much work with a wide variety of clients - too much to show here. Below is a small selection of choice cuts for your viewing pleasure. But please be aware, that the work shown here is not representative of the entire breadth of marvellous 3d and 2d animation work we have produced. So if you don't see anything here that tickles your fancy, get in touch and tell us what you're looking for. We would be happy to show you more!

Our Awesome Services.

Over the years, we've had the pleasure of working with many different types of clients with a varied mix of project requirements for a smorgasbord of uses and applications. Paradoxically, the one thing that all our clients have in common is that all of their needs are different. We won't treat your animation requirements with a template based, 'one size fits all' approach. On the contrary, our clients have benefitted from a highly bespoke service with tailored treatments and a considered approach.

Creative Direction.

We are more than happy to handle the entire creative side of the process. We are equally happy to work with any other creative agency of your choosing.

3d Character Animation.

An original and appealing 3d character can be a very effective and enduring way to promote your product or service.

2d Animation.

Although now predominantly 3d based, our roots are in 2d animation. We can provide Flash animations, 2d explainers and motion graphics for any requirement or budget.

Engineering and Simulations.

We work across all engineering disciplines, including performance car components, agricultural machinery, factory systems, marine applications and renewables.

Training and Consultancy.

We offer in-house training and consultancy to companies wishing to expand their repertoire or develop existing services. Contact us for more information.

Still Image Creation.

Although animation is the main thrust of our work, we also produce a lot of still 3d imagery such as packaging and product visuals.

Script Writing.

Whatever your project requirements may be, we have access to a range of script writers that are specialists in their fields. From comedy and entertainment to technical and engineering.

Music and Sound Design.

We have worked with many talented sound designers, music composers and voiceover artists over the years and we will find the right one for your project.

VR and Interactive.

We can provide full VR and Interactive experiences - allowing us to explore immersive 3d worlds we can create in real time. Great for architectural visualisations and unique sales pitches.

What We Do.

The Animation Works is an award winning animation company that specialises in creating engaging content for business and entertainment. We can help your company realise ideas, develop brands and communicate with your demographic in new and exciting ways. See below for a general guide to our process. Every job is different and our process can change to better serve the requirements of the project!

Step 1 | Brainstorming.

We meet with you and discuss your requirements and then after a short period of deep meditative exploration in full lotus position atop a distant misty peak, we will present several, unique ideas (or treatments) for your perusal.

Step 2 | Storyboarding.

We will then produce a storyboard or animatic to help you get a 'feel' for the flow, camera angles and timing of your animated piece. This can be rather simplistic, looking but really is an invaluable cost and time saving part of the process.

Step 3 | Production.

Once you are happy with the storyboard, it's time to bring it all together! Soundtracks are added and progress rushes are produced keeping you informed and up to date on progress every step of the way!

Step 4 | Delivery.

The final high quality animated movie is delivered to you in any format and any size you require such as TV, web or interactive. We can help you with deploying your fantactic animated content through every and any social media channel you like.

  • Working with The Animation Works has been a breath of fresh air. They are adept at delivering work which is not only on time but also on message.

    Author image
    Hardeep Panaser John Guest Ltd.
  • Focused, creative and tight on price. A must in our budget-conscious industry. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Author image
    Francesca De Lacey The JMS Group.
  • We very much enjoyed working with Chris and the results surpassed our expectations. We would happily recommend The Animation Works to anyone.

    Author image
    Peter Stephenson Piper Property.
  • Both animations where delivered on time, true to the brief and fitted in with the rest of the project perfectly. And most importantly, they looked beautiful.

    Author image
    Robin Munden Identica.
  • Training at The Animation Works was an interesting, well balanced learning experience. Chris' in-depth knowledge of Modo and ZBrush was both inspirational and energising.

    Author image
    Rich Percival Special EFX Ltd.
  • Our requirements were for very concise and realistic appearances of print finishes and graphical effects. They achieved this with stunning results!

    Author image
    Robin Munden Lewis Moberly Ltd.
  • Chris provided us with some well-considered and structured training tailored to our needs. His depth of knowledge in the field gave us great confidence. Highly recommended!

    Author image
    James Gulliford Launch Design.

Get In Touch.

Give us a buzz or drop us a mail. Whatever your requirements may be, there are options to suit every situation (and budget) which we can explore together and without obligation. We will also send you our handy 'Animation Procurement Guide'. We are also keen to hear from 2d or 3d freelance animators, generalists, TD's and rendering experts. Please send us a link to your showreel via the 'freelance' email below.

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